Destined to Chill

by Sideswipe

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released July 8, 2012



all rights reserved


Sideswipe Los Angeles, California

Drums- Austin
Guitar- Carlos
Bass- Walter
Vocals- Mike

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Track Name: Destined to Chill
Get your head out of your hands man
life has always been tough
but it's survival of the chillest
and you're stuck at the back
so lighten up and enjoy the ride
you gotta roll with the punches
and make the most of your time

we don't sweat the bullshit
we're destined to chill

can't break our stride
destined to chill
no matter how hard you try
destined to chill
Track Name: Can't Take It
You had a field day at my fucking expense
(you want to) see me at my worst?
you'll never get the chance
(you want to) suck the life out of me?
try again
(you want to) suck the life out of me?
never again
gutless, spineless, there is no less
you won't stop until I have nothing left
but this world we live in works in funny ways
what goes around, comes around
I'll have my day

there's just some things in life you can't fucking have

try and try to bring me down
but my knees will never touch the fucking ground
I hear your fucking threats, but they don't mean shit
this is my life and you'll never wear me out
Track Name: Jaded
What the fuck happened to you?
you're so fucking lame
you said that you grew out of this
but not a thing has changed

it's time you opened your eyes and stopped hiding from the truth

now you have nothing to show
but you say you've grown out of this
yet now you're all alone
so when it's loud and clear
and you've faced the facts
ask yourself "what the fuck do you have?"

so just open your eyes because there's no hiding from the truth
Track Name: My Own Life
Take the wheel and live my life
because you're telling me I'm not living right
my own life, my mistakes
learn from them and I won't hesitate to make my own decisions
and decide my own fate

I won't take the steps to follow your path
I'll keep moving on and never look back
you live your life and I'll live mine
fuck your ways, fuck your advice

my own life, my mistakes
I'll decide my own fate
Track Name: Burn Out
Have you had enough?
or are you content?
living your life in a downward spiral
you swallow some problems, burn down the rest
but they always seem to find their way back

you're such a burn out
a lost cause
no sense of feeling
so far gone

you can't keep running
consequences are coming
and it won't be long until your luck has run you dry
but you'll never wake up, you're the walking dead
it's been too late, all your chances have passed you by

it's all coming to a head
you took life for granted
too late to regret
Track Name: You Failed, Failure
You've dug too deep
now there's no escape
born to be buried was your fucking fate

destined for failure, you were destined to lose
a worthless life, there's just no use

a waste of life and a waste of time
so stay the fuck out of mine

you're the biggest mistake ever made
take a razor to your wrist and end this fucking game
I'm calling you out and all of your lies
because I'd rather be dead than live your fucking life

Sideswipe ends your fucking games